The SmartHop Stress-Free Guarantee: Covering Lumper Fees, Detention Fees and More

July 30, 2021

Not just a better load, a better life.

There’s more to trucking than booking above-market loads. SmartHop is not just a one-stop-shop for your trucking business. We believe it’s our mission to take the friction out of your daily grind. So we created the SmartHop Stress-Free Guarantee to smooth out your over-the-road hauls.

Here is what you can expect out of our Stress-Free Guarantee:


  • A load booked with SmartHop will not result in a TONU (Truck Ordered, Not Used). If it does, we’ll make sure to find you another load otherwise we’ll compensate you for your lost time. We are holding ourselves accountable for our service. 

Lumper Fees Covered

  • We’ve been in the situation where we’ve delivered loads and there’s no one to pay the lumper, or the lumper fee was not communicated. Getting a hold of your broker for money can be difficult, especially at odd hours of the night. SmartHop fronts the lumper fee on behalf of the broker so you’re not stuck paying out of pocket on the spot.


  • We don’t like waiting either, especially when you arrive on-time and are ready to go. And sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ll even get paid for your time in detention. For this reason, SmartHop will front you a payout to compensate for your time when you’re waiting at a pick up or drop off longer than expected. We’ll deal with the broker “back-and-forth” so you don’t have to. You will never be waiting on the job for free with the SmartHop guarantee. 


  • Losing a potentially profitable day can be very frustrating. While SmartHop may not be able to compensate for an entire day on the job, we can give you a payout to ease the load. We’ll make sure you’re covered and front you the payment for your time.

Our list of guarantees was created to ease some of the daily friction and frustrations of trucking, so you don’t have to worry about detention fees, lumper fees, or anything else. We’re working hard every day to ensure your time is valued, respected, and most importantly—maximized! Everyone knows time = money, and is at the core of our motto: “Truck Smarter, Not Harder.”


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