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More than dispatch software: everything your fleet needs

The trucking industry is tough. To stay afloat, your fleet needs to be a well-oiled machine. SmartHop makes it simple for fleets to make the right decisions and work together smoothly, so you can worry less and reach your full potential.

How SmartHop Helps Fleets

Loads, from all of your sources and more, analyzed and ranked by market conditions and profit potential.

Trip tracking and broker integrations to locate your trucks and automatically send status updates.

Integrated payroll that replaces manual tracking and creates a single-source of truth for more accurate and on-time payments.

Performance dashboards at the fleet and truck level so you can monitor activity and optimize growth.

You are in control of the loads your fleet takes; SmartHop never force-dispatches.

Tech that gets smarter by learning your lanes, when and where reloads will be needed, and fleet and driver preferences.

Software that supports your whole fleet

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SmartHop for fleet owners 

You’re a jack of all trades. But wouldn’t it be nice to focus on those things you never seem to have time for, like setting goals and managing performance? SmartHop makes it simple to gain visibility into all the moving parts of your business and helps you set smart benchmarks to keep your fleet heading in the right direction.

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illustration of speech bubble with headphones inside and speech bubble with person insideSmartHop for operations managers

Keeping everyone on the same page can feel impossible — we’ve been there. With SmartHop, routine tasks have never been more straightforward. Store and share documents, communicate with brokers, manage your trucks, and more, all in one convenient place.

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illustration of multiple location pinsSmartHop for dispatchers

You follow freight trends and study lanes. You’re a master negotiator. And yet, the spot market can be complex and unpredictable. SmartHop is more than a dispatch software. Our always-on search engine looks for loads based on your preferences and alerts you when it finds a match. Do what you do best, faster, with the support of our cutting-edge technology.

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illustration of car dashboard with meterSmartHop for drivers

Life on the road can be difficult. When a stressful situation occurs, there’s nothing worse than toggling back and forth between multiple devices and apps just to get the help you need. With SmartHop, you can see route details, send documents, and request support all in our easy-to-use app.

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Technology built for truckers, by truckers

SmartHop was built after our founder and CEO experienced the challenges of the trucking industry firsthand. We are working hard to help fleets like yours perform better while making everyday tasks easier.

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