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With SmartHop, it’s never been easier or more profitable.

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Everything you need to run your trucking business

SmartHop is more than just a freight dispatch service. Our technology takes the guesswork out of planning a profitable load strategy by predicting hot markets and minimizing dead-hauling. Best of all, SmartHop customers benefit from having a trusted partner to lend a hand with back-office support, driver assistance, and getting you the best rates on fuel, quick pay, and insurance.

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Enjoy big carrier benefits

We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between running under someone else’s authority and having the best options. In addition to freight dispatching services, we offer competitive rates on insurance, factoring, and fuel — so you can take home more of what you earn.

Earn more, more efficiently

With SmartHop as your freight dispatcher, you can unlock your full profit potential. Our technology-powered recommendations help you make more strategic decisions on the loads you choose. It’s why SmartHop customers earn 68% more than the industry average.

Unlock exclusive loads

Find the loads you need in one convenient place. We bring together premium loads from the industry’s top brokers and load boards. Our robust network of brokers allows us to give you access to exclusive, high-paying loads not listed on public load boards.

Our partners

SmartHop works with a variety of partners to help you earn more, operate more efficiently, and reduce overhead costs. These are just some of the partners we are proud to work with.

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See what our customers are saying

SmartHop makes my life so much easier. My Freight Analyst schedules and tracks all of my loads and handles conversations with brokers, so I can focus on driving. He is always there for me when I need him. It can be very lonely on the road, but with SmartHop I feel supported – they are my Guardian Angel.

Frank Russo

Italven Trucking LLC

SmartHop always keeps me moving in areas that I love…they go the extra mile!

Emilio Alardo


When I started driving, I was self-dispatching, but that’s a lot for one person, so I decided to try SmartHop. It didn’t take long before I started seeing equal or more revenue, even after their fee. With SmartHop, I’m making more money and saving time — for me, it’s a no-brainer.

Jose Rodriguez

Millennial Mindset Transport LLC

As high as fuel prices are nowadays, the discounts SmartHop gives drivers really helps. Saving money on fuel can be the difference between running negative and earning profit on a trip. Especially for new drivers who are still learning how to manage their expenses.

Benson Ocan

Driver and SmartHop customer

It would take me many hours to sort through all the possible load options to pick the one load that should be the most profitable and even more time to create a list to pick from. This is the kind of technology that is being used with the SmartHop dispatch.

Chad Boblett

Owner Boblett Brothers LLL & Rate Per Mile Master

Driving with SmartHop has all the positive parts of working for a company. They provide everything – a fuel card with discounts, help finding loads, handle the brokers and the paperwork. And when it comes to their fee, it’s fair and there are no surprises.

David Quinn

Driver and SmartHop customer

I would recommend SmartHop to a friend in a heartbeat. They save us from having to do paperwork with the brokers, setting up the loads ourselves, or constantly looking for new brokers. We also completely trust our Freight Analyst, Jeremy, to find us really good loads. He is aware of our preferences, always gets us the highest rate he can, and keeps us running hard.

Jessica and Joe Dixon

Smith and Luman LLC

I’m part of a group of drivers who talk all day, comparing rates and markets to decide the best strategy. But, now that I work with SmartHop, I can relax a little because I know they look at market intelligence and compare rates to find me the best loads that keep me running between the best markets. It’s made such a difference. I tell all my friends they should be using SmartHop, too.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones, JTailormade LLC

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