About SmartHop

SmartHop is on a mission to help fleets perform better. Personalized spot market strategies increase profitability, while driver and dispatcher tools make daily tasks simpler. And, performance management and goal-setting capabilities make it possible to dream bigger than ever before.

The backstory

After building a trucking company in Venezuela with over 500 employees, Guillermo Garcia arrived as an immigrant to the US to start a local LTL trucking company in Miami, FL. That company grew steadily into an FTL over-the-road operation with more than 40 trucks. As a fleet owner, Guillermo experienced the challenges of the trucking industry firsthand.

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The challenges

The spot market is complex and unpredictable.

Booking the wrong loads can make or break a fleet.

Running a fleet is a 24/7 job, with little time to set goals or understand performance.

Communication between dispatchers, drivers, brokers, and shippers often requires toggling between multiple platforms and devices.

The opportunity

Guillermo was sure that there had to be an easier way to run a successful trucking business. He teamed up with Miguel Sucre, a computer scientist who had developed part of the systems Guillermo’s company used. Together, they set out to reimagine the trucking industry and empower fleets to thrive.

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Careers at SmartHop

At SmartHop, people are our most important asset. We’re always looking for team members who want to do meaningful work and like to roll up their sleeves.

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