Payroll that practically completes itself

You didn’t start a trucking business to do payroll. SmartHop makes it easier by automating expense tracking and increasing company-wide visibility so you can deliver more accurate and on-time reports, while reducing time spent by hours each week.

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Simple payroll that saves you time

Free yourself from manual tracking

Create a shared source of truth with employees

Reduce the human error of manual data transfer

Catch and solve discrepancies early

Provide more accurate and on-time payments

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It works how you work

Payroll with the flexibility you need

Manage payments for drivers, dispatchers, and investors

Mobile access keeps drivers connected

Supports both spot and contracted freight

Admins can override presets when needed

Approved reports can be called back if edits are needed

Payroll you can set and forget

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Payroll administrators set recurring deductions & additions at the payee level; the rules are automatically included in each pay period.

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The system tracks expenses and scans completed trips to automatically compile payments and deductions into payroll reports.

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Additional credits and deductions are added to the itemized ledger in real-time, so there are never any surprises at the end of the payroll period.

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Reports are approved manually, ensuring payroll administrations always have the final say.

Our Principles of Payroll

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Admin Control

Payroll administrators are hands-on during setup, and always have the final say.

Configure requirements and frequency of payments.

Define recurring deductions & additions, and add one-time activity as needed.

Manually override information and report status.

Final approval is always manual, because we know the buck stops with you.

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Task automation

Our system facilitates the flow of information so all you have to do is click “approve.”

Payment for trips marked “delivered” are instantly added to the ledger.

Recurring items from the payee profile are pulled in.

Events are automatically grouped into the pay periods you set.

PDFs are generated for all approved payroll (itemized and summary view).

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Payroll dashboards serve as a single source of truth for admins, drivers, and everyone else.

Payees can review their ledger and flag discrepancies early.

Both active payroll periods and payroll history are accessible.

Employees can see payment and deduction settings in their profile.

The system flags when edits are needed, but never blocks payments.

Historical tracking of who made edits and when.

Embrace the complete SmartHop experience

Our revolutionary smart TMS has you covered from finding freight, to executing the trip, to getting everyone paid.

Our solutions are all connected in a single platform to simplify your work load and make it easier to make informed decisions, rapidly, so you can maximize profit potential at every opportunity.

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Find freight
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Execute the trip
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Get paid

Who is SmartHop for?

SmartHop’s powerful trip management software makes it easy for fleets to book better loads, faster, and improve productivity to maximize profits, minimize downtime, and cut overhead costs.

Our self-service platform supports:

Full Truck Loads (FTL)

53′ Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbed, Power Only

Regional and OTR lanes

Fleets with solo and team drivers

See what our customers are saying

“This payroll solution is saving me about 4 hours a week. It’s been a huge help.”

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Devin Chapman

“It's so convenient how this platform connects a market analysis map to real, available loads. Covering a truck used to take 3-8 hours, but now it's done in less than 30 minutes."

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Mike Jones headshot
Jessica Zapata
Owner, J&M Dispatching

“SmartHop is the perfect solution to anyone that is just starting out as a carrier. I wish I had a partner like SmartHop to learn from when I started!”

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Mike Jones headshot
Raysan Ceballos
Raysan Ceballos

“I recommend SmartHop to any fleet owner with a few trucks. It’s worth it to use SmartHop’s platform in exchange for freeing up your time to explore other business ventures."

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Mike Jones headshot
SmartHop customer
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Technology built for truckers, by truckers

SmartHop was built after our founder and CEO experienced the challenges of the trucking industry firsthand. We are working hard to help fleets like yours perform better while making everyday tasks easier.

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