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Fuel cards for truck drivers

With SmartFuel, your drivers have the freedom to fuel anywhere they want, while earning perks along the way. Our fuel cards are accepted at most fuel stations and service locations.

Start Saving

A trucking fuel card with flexibility

Save time and money

Put more money in your pocket and lower your net fuel costs up to $1 per gallon! Plus, getting started is easy, with a simple application process and same-day approval.

Fill up anywhere

With SmartFuel, you’re not limited to the big 3. Give your drivers the freedom to fuel and save anywhere they’d like. SmartFuel is accepted at 12,000+ truck stop locations.

Make additional purchases

Purchase everything you need when you opt to turn on MasterCard capabilities. Use it to pay for tolls, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Manage your money your way

Managing your funds has never been easier. Link your fuel card directly to your quick pay service provider and bank account to load it as much or as little as you’d like. There are no fees on money transferred from SmartPay.

What else is included?

  • No personal guarantee needed
  • No credit score or Social Security number required
  • No monthly service fees
  • No fees for additional fuel cards or replacement cards
  • Low transaction fees
  • Net 7-day payment
  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees
  • Easy application
  • Same day approval

  • Fraud protection

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Frequently asked questions

What can I use my SmartFuel card for? Is it only for fuel?

At the entry level, SmartFuel fuel cards are enabled for fuel purchases only. But if you are approved for the MasterCard credit card track, you can use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted for other fleet costs, including maintenance and repairs, towing services, tolls, business insurance, hotels, food, and more.

What does “accepted everywhere” mean?

Your SmartFuel card can be used for fuel and fleet-related purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard (over 99% of merchants)! And when you visit the 12,000+ U.S. truck stop and fuel locations in our network, you’ll receive the largest commercial fuel discounts and better incentives.

I manage a fleet with multiple drivers. Can I set limits on their spending?

Yes! You have complete control over the spending limits on every fuel card. For each card, you can set a specific spending limit per week, per day, and per transaction. You can also restrict cards so that they are only active for fuel purchases. Once you’ve activated your fuel card, you can work with your SmartFuel Account Manager to select your card restrictions.

Does SmartFuel report to credit bureaus?

Yes, our processing partner reports monthly to Experian. We’re honored to help our small business clients build their credit. This will help you with other business-related purchases in the future, as your commercial credit will increase over time thanks to the good standing fuel payment report month-over-month.

My business is new, so I don’t have a business credit score. What are the requirements to sign up with SmartPay?

That’s fine by us. We just need your EIN, driver’s license, and articles of the corporation in order to approve your business for fuel credit. 

Ready to start saving?

Ask your customer service representative about adding SmartFuel to your SmartHop services. Not a SmartHop customer? Try us for free now!