5 of the best apps for long-haul truckers and how they can help you

March 21, 2023

As the owner of a trucking business, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. But the good news is that there’s probably an app that can provide much-needed relief for some of the challenges you and your drivers are up against.

‍We know your time is valuable, so we’ve done the research for you. Here’s our list of the 5 best apps for truck drivers and fleet owners.

5 best apps for truck drivers and fleet owners

1. TruckSmart

Category: Travel

What it does: Searching for a place to shower, park, or eat can be frustrating — especially when you’re tired and hungry. TruckSmart gives your drivers access to an interactive map that displays Travelcenters of America (TA), Petro, and TA Express sites, including a complete list of amenities at each location.

‍Adding to its convenience, drivers can activate fuel pumps and reserve showers or parking spots right in the app. Additionally, TA offers 24/7 roadside repair for drivers in need of assistance.

Cost: Free

Highlighted review: “The ability to start pumps & reserve showers from truck are second to none.”

Download it here: App Store | Google Play

2. project44 DriveView

Category: Logistics

What it does: In the trucking industry, time is money. project44’s DriveView app is designed to help communicate the status of your loads to brokers and shippers in real-time and without driver intervention, using your phone’s GPS capability.

‍Using DriveView improves driver satisfaction by reducing the amount of time spent checking in with business partners and enabling drivers to capture proof of delivery. Additionally, brokers and shippers have more visibility into the status of their loads to manage expectations. This helps strengthen the relationships between all parties involved, which we think is a win/win!

Highlighted review: “Works great, easy to use.”

Cost: Free

Download it here: App Store | Google Play

3. RollingStrong

Category: Health and wellness

What it does: Life on the road can be challenging, with long hours, little time to exercise, and limited meal options. Rolling Strong, a provider of health and wellness programs for transportation companies, is trying to change that with an app that helps keep truck drivers safe and healthy.

‍RollingStrong can help your retain your drivers by fostering a culture that supports their health and wellbeing. Drivers will benefit from programs like Ready Re-Cert, which prepares them for their DOT medical exam by evaluating their current medical status and providing pre-exam recommendations and lifestyle plans tailored to their unique needs.

Highlighted review: “As a female trucker, I can say this app is top notch!!! I love that you have it all in one on tracking meals, workout videos, it’s easy to use.”

Cost: Free version available. The premium version costs $5/month for more advanced health and wellness tools.

Download it here: App Store | Google Play

4. GasBuddy

Category: Fuel

What it does: Finding the most cost-effective places to fill up your trucks can help you maximize your earning potential, especially with fuel prices on the rise. Enter GasBuddy.

‍Sometimes, even when you plan ahead, you need to fuel unexpectedly. In those cases, drivers can use GasBuddy to find nearby fuel stations and compare pricing. GasBuddy can also support your long-term planning efforts, with price increase notifications to help you fuel at the optimal time and tools like the Trip Cost Calculator, which helps you budget for fuel costs. Additionally, the Fuel Logbook allows you to track your past fuel purchases, which is helpful for calculating the fuel taxes you owe and forecasting future expenses.

Highlighted review: “Love the ability to check surrounding gas stations and set the app to display the type of fuel I’m interested in since most companies don’t post mid and high-grade fuel prices. With this app it allows me to see exactly what I need/want.”

Cost: Free

Download it here: App Store | Google Play

5. SmartHop

Category: Dispatching

What it does: Imagine being able to search premium loads from the industry’s top brokers and load boards all in one convenient place? With SmartHop’s mobile app, you can find and book loads right in the palm of your hand. Our robust network of brokers even allows us to give you access to exclusive, high-paying loads not listed on public load boards.

‍In addition to aggregating loads, SmartHop takes the uncertainty out of making decisions so you can say goodbye to dead-hauling. We analyze multiple sources to predict which markets will be the strongest or weakest in the coming days and make load recommendations accordingly. However, you’re always in control of where you move your truck.

Highlighted review: “SmartHop makes my life so much easier. My Freight Analyst schedules and tracks all of my loads and handles conversations with brokers, so I can focus on driving. He is always there for me when I need him, it can be very lonely on the road, but with SmartHop I feel supported— they are my Guardian Angel.”

Download it here: App Store | Google Play

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