Layovers in Trucking

August 9, 2021

Layovers are deflating as an owner-operator. You’ve been on your game, yet you’re delayed for at least a day at the shipper or receiver. The situation is outside of your control. Layovers usually happen when the delay will extend the length of the shipment's lifecycle.   

As facilities optimize their operations, schedules are booked to capacity with a small window for error. Delays can occur for a variety of reasons because there are so many stakeholders in the trucking industry. Shippers and brokers have different layover policies that don’t line up. Layover directly results in loss of potential revenue as the layover payout alone barely covers the cost for the trucker for the day. Additionally, the majority of brokers and shippers require the shipments to be complete before layover payout would be initiated. Thus, time with receiving the layover payout is further delayed along with the shipment lifecycle.

Additionally, sometimes it’s unclear if you’re going to get paid for layover time. To minimize the uncertainty, SmartHop’s Stress-Free Guarantee promises an initial payout and will compensate for every 24 hours in layover time after that. 

So don’t worry while you wait, SmartHop has you covered!

Want to know more specifics of our layover guarantee? Find out on our FAQ page.


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