5 tips to recruit new drivers for your small trucking fleet

March 21, 2023

As a fleet owner, you might be feeling the effects of the current truck driver shortage. And, with a high demand for drivers, you’ll need to stay competitive in order to find good reliable truckers for your fleet. Below, we’ve rounded up our top driver recruitment tips to help you attract the right candidates to your trucking business.

1. Run a referral program

A referral program can help reduce your hiring costs, as your employees will leverage their personal networks to attract new candidates. Personal connections often lead to higher-quality applicants since you’ll be screening candidates that come recommended. Beyond this, the candidates are more likely to have a genuine interest in working with your company after hearing about the day-to-day of the role from a person they know and trust. Additionally, strong existing relationships will go a long way in team-building and morale. For this reason, new hires from employee referrals tend to stay with the company longer.

If you plan to establish an employee referral program, creating an exciting incentive for employees that refer new hires will keep drivers coming your way.

2. Create online job postings

85% of job seekers use online platforms to search and apply for employment, making it the perfect place to find drivers for your fleet. Try posting on career websites like Indeed or LinkedIn, where future drivers are already searching for their next job. Additionally, industry-specific job boards and forums for truckers, such as Trucker Network, will ensure your job posting reaches the right audience.

Many job boards even allow job seekers to set up email alerts for positions that fit their search criteria. This means that you will have a greater pool of quality candidates applying to your job posting if you include as many details as possible about the job in the listing.

Social media is another great online channel for advertising trucking jobs. Posting on social media can reach passive recruits who might not be actively looking for a job but may be open to better opportunities.

3. Offer and promote great benefits

Truck drivers, like most other job seekers, see benefits as a part of a complete compensation package. Advertising competitive benefits will attract more candidates to your trucking business and set you apart from other companies. Additionally, once you find and hire your drivers, you’ll want to make sure that you can keep them satisfied. Having a strong benefits package will help you retain your new hires and avoid needing to backfill positions frequently.

4. Offer a sign-on bonus

With the need for truck drivers growing and expected to continue to grow in the next few years, having a sign-on bonus will help your company stand out. A sign-on bonus works as a tool to convince new drivers to pick your company. It can help the candidate see you as a more serious option by showing them that you see their value as a potential employee. Be sure to let candidates know that you offer a sign-on bonus, including how much it is. Providing these details in your job posting will be sure to catch the attention of job seekers.

5. Recruit at industry events

Joining a local trucking network and participating in their in-person events will help you find truckers who are looking to be hired. These events allow you to interact with potential drivers, highlight all the benefits of working for your company, and answer any of their questions directly. Make sure to follow up with the attendees after the event has ended.

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