3 reasons why a dash camera can help you lower your insurance costs

March 21, 2023

Do you know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? When the unexpected occurs, whether there’s been an accident or cargo theft, it can be complicated to file an accurate claim based only on a description of the event.

Dash cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years as a tool to give truckers peace of mind when facing troubles on the road. But did you know that installing a dash camera has additional benefits, including that it can help lower your insurance costs? Here are three reasons to consider installing a dash camera to protect your trucking business and reduce your overhead spending.

1. Dash cameras help reduce trucking accidents and theft

The best way to keep your insurance rates low is to prevent accidents and other incidents from happening in the first place. The added security of a dash camera in your parked truck provides a record for police in the event of a break-in and may even discourage theft entirely.

Driving a truck is no easy feat but the right dash camera can also act as a second set of eyes, with helpful features like blindspot monitoring and alerts. On top of that, dash cams can detect dangerous habits, such as distracted driving, rolling stops, tailgating, and more. This can be especially helpful to give fleet owners visibility into driver behavior and prevent the worst from happening.

Semi-truck driving on the highway

Safe driving is a key factor in keeping your insurance rates down. With the help of a dash cam, you can stamp out reckless driving and give you or your drivers extra help to monitor blind spots and avoid accidents.

Safe driving is a key factor in keeping your insurance rates down. With the help of a dash cam, you can stamp out reckless driving and give you or your drivers extra help to monitor blind spots and avoid accidents.

2. Dash cameras allow you to refute fraudulent claims

The emergence of crash-for-cash scams has become an issue for trucking businesses in recent years. Fraudsters will often target commercial trucks because they’re typically well-insured. The scam involves someone staging or intentionally causing an accident in order to cash in on insurance claims.

If you are unwillingly roped into this type of scheme, it can become a big waste of time and money to resolve the dispute. However, if you have video evidence from a dash camera to back up your story, it’s much easier to refute fraudulent claims and demonstrate that you weren’t in the wrong. This can help you avoid costly legal battles and prevent your insurance rates from rising due to an accident that didn’t happen or wasn’t your fault.

Truck getting towed

3. Dash cameras speed up the insurance claim process

When you’re filing an insurance claim, you want to be compensated as quickly as possible so you can get your truck back on the road. However, sometimes it takes a lot of time to figure out who was at fault and how much compensation is required. This process can be stressful and take you away from running your business.

Being able to provide insurance companies with video evidence streamlines the investigative process so that it is crystal clear what went down. Relying on your dash cam to paint the bigger picture instead avoids any “he-said-she-said” situations and instead leans on undeniable proof to support your claims. Some dash cameras even work in low-light conditions and can capture smaller details like license plate numbers.

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