5 ways to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

March 21, 2023

Each year, September 11-17 marks National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, a weeklong celebration of the millions of professional truck drivers who deliver America’s freight safely and securely. If you’re looking for ways to show your appreciation for your drivers, SmartHop has got you covered. Keep reading to learn 5 ways you can recognize the men and women who keep your fleet running.

Why it’s important to show appreciation for your truck drivers

As a small fleet owner, you depend on your drivers to deliver the goods that keep your business running. Once you’ve found reliable truck drivers who are the right fit for your company, it is important to keep them happy. Retaining your drivers for the long haul and building a team you know and trust gives you one less thing to worry about and allows you to build longstanding relationships with shippers and receivers. Additionally, this prevents you from spending valuable time recruiting new drivers to your team and providing training.

Ways you can show truck driver appreciation

Send a thank you note

There’s no easier way to show your appreciation for your drivers then by saying thank you for the hard work they put in every day. Sending a physical or digital thank you card in celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week will go a long way — especially for drivers who are on the road and away from home. Make sure to personalize it and recognize individual achievements so your message is genuine. We love these downloadable thank you cards from Mobil Delvac.

Truck driver thank you card

Celebrate with a team lunch

Treating your drivers to lunch is a great way to show that you value them. Additionally, getting the team together fosters bonding and builds morale, which can help with driver retention. For those drivers who are on the road and cannot gather in person, consider providing a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Give your drivers a shout-out on social media

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is the perfect time to spotlight your employees if your company has a social media presence. This not only shows your drivers that you care but also promotes your company culture, which helps with recruiting new drivers to your team.

Offer a bonus

If your company has the means to give your drivers a monetary gift or gift card, it is sure to show them how much you value their hard work. Bonuses can help keep your drivers happy; in fact, in a recent survey conducted by SmartHop, we found that a steady paycheck was the top reason that truckers would consider changing employers.

Give a physical gift

A physical gift is another option to show appreciation for your truck drivers. When choosing a gift, consider something that they are likely to use in their day-to-day on the road, such as a travel mug or polarized sunglasses for driving. A branded gift, such as a company sweatshirt or bumper sticker, will help promote your business while showing gratitude for your team.

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