Road Conditions: The State of Independent Truckers and Small Fleets

March 21, 2023

About the report

The majority of our nation’s goods are transported by owner-operators — independent truckers who own and drive their truck — and small carriers. But despite this, these truckers face significant challenges, such as thin margins, access to quality loads, and lack of resources.

SmartHop recently polled 1,000 owner-operators, small fleet owners, and drivers to better understand what keeps them up at night, how they have overcome roadblocks, and what they see on the horizon for the trucking industry. These insights provide a deep dive into the current mindset of the women and men who keep our nation’s goods moving and what needs to be done to keep them moving.

What you’ll learn

  • What makes trucking an attractive career, including why respondents joined the field
  • The actions independent truckers can take now to increase job quality and reduce burnout
  • What factors would drive truckers to quit the industry, including the support they need most from industry vendors
  • How technology is helping truckers overcome industry challenges

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