6 trucking technologies you can use to support your operations

March 21, 2023

Technology can be intimidating for some small trucking companies. But your business has a lot to gain from taking advantage of the new tools that are available. There are many ways to harness the power of trucking technology without overwhelming yourself or your drivers.

Small trucking companies are leveraging technology to improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase revenue. Here are 6 trucking technologies you can use to support your operations.

Small trucking companies are leveraging technology to improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Dash cam systems

Incidents can happen on the road between trucks and smaller vehicles, and truckers can be at fault for any damages that occur without proper evidence. Dash cams help protect you when troubles on the road occur.

These forward-facing cameras mount to your dashboard and record everything from the driver’s perspective. As a result, dash cams provide details of accidents that would usually be unnoticed and can provide powerful proof for insurance claims.

Nearly 75% of accidents involving a truck driver and other vehicles are not the trucker’s fault. Recorded video helps protect innocent truck drivers, making dash cams an asset for small fleet owners and owner-operators alike. Plus, many insurance companies offer discounts for drivers with dash cams.

Additionally, dash cams provide a layer of accountability for drivers. They help promote safe driving and identify areas needing additional training improvement.

One dash cam option to consider is the Garmin 56. Even the least tech-savvy truckers won’t have trouble using or installing this simple camera. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re protecting yourself or your fleet on the road.

GPS systems

Another essential trucking technology is a GPS system. Compared to typical motor vehicles, trucks have navigation challenges and requirements that automotive devices do not provide. For example, most drivers of small vehicles do not have to worry about passing under a bridge or weight restrictions, but truck drivers do. Driving a truck takes much more coordination and thought on the driver’s part. That’s why having a GPS specifically for large trucks is so essential.

A trucking GPS makes it much easier for drivers to navigate roads and avoid hazards. In addition, these systems help you or your drivers avoid heavy traffic, navigate unfamiliar roads, and reduce the stress of delivering loads.

Some additional benefits of trucking GPS systems include:

  • Decreased route time
  • Money saved on fuel
  • Increased safety
  • More productivity

One of the best GPS systems is the Rand McNally TND 550. This system includes weather, mileage, fuel pricing, and travel center updates.

Fuel price apps

With the price of fuel skyrocketing, saving at the pump is a major issue for many owner-operators and small fleet owners. Luckily, fuel price apps can help truckers save on fuel while planning the most convenient stops.

GasBuddy is one of many trucking apps that can help you compare prices at the pump. This app compares the prices of nearby fuel stations. Gas Buddy can also help you plan long-term, with notifications that help you budget fuel costs, as well as a fuel logbook that tracks your past fuel purchases and helps you calculate future fuel expenses.

Load boards

Load boards help small trucking companies operate more efficiently. Rather than calling brokers directly, you can search for loads in a digital marketplace and bid on the loads you like. You can filter loads by type, location, volume, time, and more.

Load boards help you spend less time finding loads so you can focus on running your business. In addition, load boards help smaller fleets connect with shippers and brokers to build relationships.

One of the most popular load boards is DAT Freight & Analytics. DAT posts upwards of 485,000 loads more day and fits the needs of most carriers, from independent truckers to large fleets.

Tire pressure monitors

Did you know that 20% of trucks operate with one or more tires under-inflated? Having the right tire inflation is essential for properly maintaining your trucks. Good tire inflation means you’ll have less vehicle wear, more fuel efficiency, and fewer breakdowns.

With a tire pressure monitor, you’ll get real-time pressure and temperature readings while on the road to help avoid flat tires and overheating. In addition, with the accuracy of a monitor, you can see how your truck is driving, especially on poorly-kept roads.

One tire pressure monitor to check out is the TALON 22. The TALON 22 can monitor the tire pressure and temperature of up to 22 wheels. Easy to install, there is no need to remove all tires for installation, and sensor batteries are easy to replace.

Health monitoring systems

In the past, when experiencing troubles on the road, the only option was to exit the cab and inspect your vehicle. The trouble with this is that sometimes issues are easy to spot right away, while other times, a mechanic is needed to uncover the problem. Thanks to truck health monitoring systems, this is no longer the case. These systems constantly monitor the health of your truck and notify you immediately of any issues.

Health monitoring systems help you understand what is happening to your truck at all times. They can catch large-scale and more minor problems before they affect your ability to run your business. Plus, by picking up on small issues early on, they help you save money on costly repairs and avoid canceled jobs.

FieldLogix can help you keep track of the health of your trucks. This health monitoring system measures critical vehicle engine data such as check engine light status, average MPG, fuel level, battery voltage, coolant temperatures, and more.  

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