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You might have seen the exciting news that SmartHop raised $30 million in our latest round of funding. And you might be wondering what that means for you.

‍We created SmartHop with one mission in mind, to unlock better opportunities for owner-operators and carriers like you. When I built my trucking company, I experienced firsthand how challenging it can be to run under your own authority. Our guiding purpose at SmartHop has always been to help you to get more without sacrificing the independence you prefer.

‍That’s why, when we closed our previous round of funding last year, we committed to finding new ways to support you, while allowing you to call the shots and remain in control of how you want to run your business. This investment enabled us to end 2021 on a high note, giving you access to more opportunities than ever before.

‍Last year, we empowered customers like you to earn more than the industry average — with top drivers making around $370,000 a year. A new partnership opened up millions of loads and lanes for you, with available load access increasing 3.5 times in January. We debuted the SmartHop mobile app, putting the loads you want at your fingertips while providing personalized support every step of the way. Additionally, we introduced more ways for you to save on overhead costs, including an insurance offering.

‍While it makes us proud to look back on these accomplishments, we won’t stop there.

What does this $30 million investment mean for you? It means that we’ll bring even more hardworking people to SmartHop to support you and keep improving our platform. It means that we’ll establish new connections and strengthen our partner relationships to get you better rates and lanes while reducing your cost of operations. Most importantly, it means that we will continue to work hard for you, the people that we’re building SmartHop for.

‍As former truckers, we understand that every business is different and that you know what’s best for your unique goals. So, tell us here: How can we best support you? What are your biggest dreams? We can’t wait to hear all about them.

‍I hope that you’re as inspired about the journey ahead as I am.


Guillermo Garcia

SmartHop CEO

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