Recruitment and Retention Issues of Small Fleet Operators

March 21, 2023

About the research

Trucking has always been a tough job. Market conditions of the past year — a sluggish economy, supply chain shortages, high fuel costs, and low spot market prices — have made it tougher, especially for small fleet owners already operating on thin margins. For these fleets, which account for over 90% of all the nation’s trucking companies, hiring and retaining drivers is crucial to the health of their business and the wider supply chain.

SmartHop recently surveyed 1,000 small fleet owners to better understand how they are navigating the chronic trucking labor shortage, estimated by the ATA at over 80,000 drivers, and what they’re doing to keep truckers trucking.

What you’ll learn

  • What percentage of drivers quit in the past year, including the age group that gives fleet owners the most concern.
  • Where those who quit went and the factors that led to quitting.
  • The steps and initiatives that fleet owners are taking to better retain their drivers.

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