Ryder Dedicated Fleets in Pilot Increased Backhaul Revenue by 60% in 9 Months

Using SmartHop’s predictive technology, sophisticated load-matching, and a team of experienced dispatchers, Ryder is maximizing capacity and increasing revenue.

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Ryder’s utilization challenge

Through its dedicated transportation solutions, Ryder has more than 11,000 trucks and drivers on the road that it manages for hundreds of customers.

Empty miles on return trips or idle capacity during seasonal slowdowns are an area for improvement across the industry. Ryder knew if it could optimize fleet utilization without increasing the operational burden to its fleets, the company could deliver a better value proposition for its customers.

The upside of increasing capacity was clear, but Ryder knew the challenge of finding loads that could complement the lanes and schedules of its high-service dedicated transportation network.

“We are proud to be among the first to realize the value in a SmartHop partnership. They have quickly become strategically important to our business through their ability to streamline much of what goes into running a trucking company, from booking loads and dispatching truckers, to handling brokers and collections.”

Kyle Walker of Ryder

Kyle Walker

New Product Strategy

SmartHop as the solution

Ryder turned to SmartHop for a scalable, technology-driven solution to pilot. SmartHop’s dispatching includes:

An industry leading source of high-paying loads, providing multiple options along existing routes.

Precise filtering that sorts results by driver, truck, and lane specifications, including rate, origin & destination market, pickup & delivery date, and even the acceptable deadhaul distance.

Dynamic queuing that understands what’s coming next, so the dispatching team can be ready with a load on short notice.

SmartHop-led onboarding and training expedites time-to-value without adding costs for the fleet.

Overall, SmartHop’s technology provided Ryder central visibility and optimized fleet management to improve utilization and capitalize on freight market opportunities.

Immediate and meaningful impact on Ryder’s business

In the nine months of its pilot with SmartHop, Ryder saw significant capacity and revenue growth. The initial success led to continued expansion beyond the pilot.

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60% increase in
backhaul revenue

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5-15 % increase of
average Rate per Mile

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250+ active trucks
from 24+ fleets

*Data represents the Ryder Dedicated Fleets participating in the SmartHop program between September 2021 and May 2022.

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