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Load boards were so last year.

Say goodbye to information overload and hello to stress-free, above-market load-booking. There’s a new way to run your trucking business more profitably and use the best load boards, and it’s called Copilot.

Load boards are overwhelming. Truckers like you are expected to sift through thousands of loads to find the right fit. But do it quickly—otherwise, it might be taken off the board.

And it doesn’t end there. You then have to talk to a broker and get all the details and start a painful, time-sucking negotiation process. All the while, you’re never quite sure if you’re getting screwed on the deal or if you’re actually using the best load board for your time’s worth.

‍It’s a lot to ask anyone. Let alone an overworked trucker who is just trying to keep up with his logbook.

We feel your pain. That’s why we created Copilot.

We took a complicated process and made it smoother and more transparent. We eliminated the guesswork of finding the best load boards by using proprietary software to analyze and make the recommendations for carriers to maximize their bottom line.

Think of Copilot like Expedia. If someone wants to fly from Miami to Chicago, Expedia can search through hundreds of flights from different sources. It then allows them to filter the results to find the cheapest and most direct route to their chosen destination and the best loads—all in seconds.

So for freight, we think of lanes (like flights in Expedia) instead of loads. Copilot will show you the best lanes from realtime industry analytics and benchmarks. For example, it will say, “Florida to Illinois is ranked the number one lane right now in our platform. It’s paying an average of X rate per mile, and Illinois is a good place.” If the driver says, “Yes, I want to go to Chicago for that price.” Once they click, Copilot will see everything available in that lane that meets the preferred rate per mile, and gross suggested.

Our AI-powered command center will then contact those brokers and download the load details for that lane. The information then gets relayed back to the driver through our Trucking Support Network (TSN). For example, we’ll say, “The best match is load from Broker X, picking up in Orlando, delivering in Chicago for X price, and X rate per mile. Do you accept?” If he or she accepts, Copilot will connect with Broker X and book that load. Once booked, the load info gets sent to the driver through our platform.

You can even deny a load and say (for example), “No, I don’t work with Broker X.” Click “deny,” and Copilot will search the next available load for that lane with your preferences in mind.

This new way of trucking could make people even more profitable while taking away the stress of looking through thousands of loads and figuring out what are the best load boards. Copilot does the lane and load research and calculations, and our TSN executes the rest. We’re aiming to make the whole process seamless and straightforward for our customers.

Copilot is going to be a game-changer. And it all starts with looking for lanes.

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