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Smarthop Reduced Friction With Its Carrier Support Network

‍The world of trucking is full of mind-numbing, time-sucking negotiations. The constant back and forth is enough to make anyone want to give up and make a swift exit. This friction has become a fact of life for carriers and brokers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The engineers at SmartHop are working hard to solve these and other problems that plague the industry. And today, they just released an API (Applications Programming Interface) integration that directly connects brokers with SmartHop’s Carrier Support Network and its game-changing, load-sourcing engine, Copilot.

Dusan Delic, SmartHop’s Head of Broker Relations, put it simply: “This API connects our brokers and truckers directly through our platform, minimizing or even eliminating time spent over the phone. That means booking an above-market load is just a click away, not a long string of phone calls.” He continues, “Our goal is to leverage technology and understand the patterns of both sides of the industry: One, the patterns of our carriers. Two, the patterns of the freight that our brokers are offering daily.”

With a direct connection between SmartHop’s and a broker’s platform, brokers, dispatch, and carriers can have full transparency on the load transaction, from booking to end-to-end delivery all from a simple dashboard. Layered into the API Integration are optimizations and recommendations based on proprietary algorithms and AI technology written to account for numerous factors, including carrier availability, routing, weather, traffic, load destinations, fuel, RPMs, empty miles,…etc.

‍“Our system interprets and catalogs all of this data to learn from and continually create better connections for our customers whether you’re a broker or a carrier,” adds Delic.

For more information on SmartHop and to learn about their API Integrations for brokers, please email:


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