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Lumping is a service used mostly by food warehousing companies and grocery distributors where a third-party unloads your freight delivery for you. A lumper fee is charged to the carrier when a shipper utilizes a lumper. These fees are often reimbursable to the driver by the shipper or the freight broker.

However, it can often be considered a scam because in some cases the carrier will not be reimbursed for this service (which they did not order).

Even if you are not scammed, paying for a lumper can become a bit of a nightmare at times because different facilities have different rules in the way they accept the lumper payments. Additionally, most customers don’t wish to pay these lumpers out of pocket and want the broker to front the money.

The procedure to retrieve an EFS code to pay for a lumper can be quite complicated because deliveries are usually made in the early hours of the morning and many brokers do not have an after hours team available to issue the code at say, 3am. This causes delays for the carrier in delivering the load because the facilities will not release his paperwork or even start the unloading process until the lumper is paid. This can become frustrating for the driver and even cause a loss of income.

With SmartHop, the nightmare is over. SmartHop will front the lumper on behalf of the broker to keep things moving. You will still need to invoice the lumper back to the broker and it is your responsibility to collect. SmartHop will invoice the amount of the lumper, plus any applicable fees, to your next billing cycle.

In short, we are fronting you the money so you don’t have to pay for the lumper immediately out of pocket. Remember, it’s important to keep your lumper receipt and submit it to the broker either directly or via your factoring company to ensure they pay you for it since we will be charging this money back.

The stress of expending a couple hundred dollars is a thing of the past with SmartHop’s Stress Free Guarantee.


What are the specifics of our lumper guarantee? Find out on our FAQ page.

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