SmartHop and Parade Expand Integration to Democratize Digital Brokerage Access

Aug 12, 2021

New partnership will offer direct access to digitally enabled brokers and enhance offering for independent truckers

MIAMI, August 12, 2021 — SmartHop, the total dispatch solution that enables businesses to truck smarter not harder, and Parade, the leader in capacity management, today announced an expansion of their partnership that offers direct access to digitally enabled brokers using Parade, leveling the playing field for carriers and increasing the volume and quality of loads booked.

Following their initial partnership last October, SmartHop and Parade have expanded the two-way integration that synchronizes load opportunities directly from Parade’s Digital Freight Marketplace (DFM) Syndication feature to SmartHop carriers and owner-operators. For these carriers, the integration with Parade and its 3PL customers offers:

  • Access to digitally enabled freight: 3PLs using Parade offer carriers a greater number of high-quality, digitally enabled loads that are more likely to convert online and develop into repeat business.
  • Instant access to the largest network of digital brokerages: SmartHop carriers can more easily build long-term brokerage relationships and book high-quality loads typically accessible to only larger carriers, a significant step towards democratizing access to the nation’s freight.
  • Best-in-breed user experience: Load opportunities offered by digital brokers using Parade are easier to view, compare and book than those from traditional brokerage networks.

“As one of the top capacity management platforms for brokers, Parade is a natural partner for SmartHop,” said Guillermo Garcia, CEO and co-founder of SmartHop. “This is truly a barrier-breaking partnership and a critical technology integration for small carriers and fleets who can now truly compete with larger carriers, resulting in a massive step towards democratizing access to freight.”

For digital brokers powered by Parade, the partnership enables them to communicate, offer, plan, negotiate, book, or bid on loads directly with carriers dispatched by SmartHop. This comprehensive integration results in time saved, instant connections to carriers and streamlined back-office operations, paperwork and payables. For Parade brokers, the integration with SmartHop offers:

  • Real-time capacity from the SmartHop digital fleet network: SmartHop offers unprecedented direct visibility into truck fleets, enabling brokers to better understand where carriers are in real-time and what lanes and type of freight they are looking for, creating more trust and synergy between brokers and carriers.
  • Visible pricing per truck and per lane that truck is searching for: With truck lane pricing fed directly into Parade and through to their TMS, brokers can make smarter decisions around their freight capacity on a lane-by-lane basis and get loads on the road faster than ever before.
  • Book now / bid trucks: SmartHop and Parade will roll out the ability for brokers to book or bid on trucks in real time. SmartHop capacity will be available to be booked with a click of a button.

“Parade and SmartHop share very similar visions for the future of trucking and logistics,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO and Co-founder of Parade. “We founded Parade to change the way freight is moved and support the underserved players with new technology, focusing primarily on the broker side. SmartHop, with its total dispatch solution and back-office support, is addressing the same challenges on the carrier side. Together, we’re transforming logistics with digital technology that ultimately levels the playing field for all.”

Since its founding in 2018, Miami-based SmartHop has helped customers increase their top line by at least nine percent compared to the average market standards and has boosted drivers’ take-home pays by more than 48 percent.

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