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SmartHop is your secret weapon. Use our software to find your clients the best loads, efficiently manage your book of business, and ultimately expand your capacity.

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A new kind of solution that does it all:

Cover trucks faster, without compromising on rates.

Anticipate market conditions to maximize drivers’ profits.

Enjoy the flexibility of running multiple MCs on your account.

Reduce the need for calling brokers or eliminate it entirely.

Communicate with clients and upload docs via mobile app.

Free up time to focus on acquiring new customers.

Experience the future of dispatching

SmartHop brings you a game-changing search and management solution. Our platform equips you with:

Lightning-fast load board with smart filters to cut through the noise.

The most bid- and book-now loads, saving you valuable time on broker calls.

Intelligent recommendations help you book the best loads for your clients.

Document storage, organized with driver and trip data.

Comprehensive performance reporting to facilitate client conversations.

Simplified billing process that scans trip details automatically — no data entry necessary.

Easy set up — do it yourself or tap into our training team.

Extra hands when you need it (because we know capacity changes).

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“I used to spend all day deciding on the best strategies, but now I can relax knowing SmartHop’s platform looks at market intelligence and compares rates to suggest the best moves for me."

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Mike Jones headshot
Mike Jones
Tailormade LLC

“It's so convenient how this platform connects a market analysis map to real, available loads. Covering a truck used to take 3-8 hours, but now it's done in less than 30 minutes."

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Mike Jones headshot
Jessica Zapata
Owner, J&M Dispatching

“SmartHop is the perfect solution to anyone that is just starting out as a carrier. I wish I had a partner like SmartHop to learn from when I started!”

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Mike Jones headshot
Raysan Ceballos
Raysan Ceballos

“I recommend SmartHop to any fleet owner with a few trucks. It’s worth it to use SmartHop’s platform in exchange for freeing up your time to explore other business ventures."

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Mike Jones headshot
SmartHop customer

Who is SmartHop for?

SmartHop’s powerful software is for trucking professionals who need to improve their business. Whether it's increasing weekly revenue, reducing overhead, or expanding your business, our solutions will help you reach your goals.

Our self-service platform supports fleets or dispatchers running:

Full Truck Loads (FTL)

53′ Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbed, Power Only

Regional and OTR lanes

Solo and team drivers

Who is SmartHop for?

SmartHop’s powerful trip management software makes it easy for fleets to book better loads, faster, and improve productivity to maximize profits, minimize downtime, and cut overhead costs.

Our self-service platform supports:

Full Truck Loads (FTL)

53′ Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbed, Power Only

Regional and OTR lanes

Fleets with solo and team drivers

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Technology built for truckers, by truckers

SmartHop was built by our founder and CEO after he personally experienced the challenges of the trucking industry. Now, we're working hard to help trucking professionals, like you, achieve your goals, regardless of your experience level or the size of your operation.

As your trusted partner, we're here to support you on your journey to success. Let's transform the way you work and unlock your full potential together.

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