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our team

With years of industry experience, our diverse team is working hard to help small carriers and owner-operators earn more with less effort.

After building an over 400-employee 3PL company in Venezuela, Guillermo Garcia arrived as an immigrant to the US to start a local LTL trucking company in Miami, FL. That company grew steadily into an FTL over-the-road operation with more than 40 Trucks in total. Running a small carrier, Guillermo noticed the disadvantages Owner Operators and small companies face on their daily operations:

This offered an opportunity to develop tools that could improve the odds of success for companies like the one he built. That’s when Miguel Sucre joined the company. He had software experience and had developed part of the systems Guillermo’s company used. Bringing tech startup knowledge and always looking to solve complex problems, Miguel and Guillermo embarked on a journey together. That journey was SmartHop. The goal was to help truckers make better decisions in record time when planning their loads with the use of modern technology and artificial intelligence. Now, with a team of 95 and growing, SmartHop is on the path to improve the way independent and hardworking Owner Operators plan, search, and book their loads on the spot market.


Large carriers getting the biggest piece of the pie


Brokers working in silos—making information hard to get


Some brokers arguably acting against small carriers


Lack of trust between all the parties involved


Margins so thin that any small mistake could you out of business fast


We're on a mission to level the playing field in the trucking industry. SmartHop's cutting-edge tools help owner-operators compete with the big carriers at the highest level. We are united in our mission and it’s only by working together that we achieve greatness.


We are committed to doing what is right. We are consistently open, honest, ethical, and genuine when dealing with our customers, our partners, our employees, business, and the community.  Being trustworthy is a cornerstone of our values.


Passion is at the core of what drives our company. We are passionate about our mission of leveling the playing field for owner-operators and small trucking companies and revolutionizing the way the trucking industry does business.


We are obsessed with our customers.  We come from trucking, so we not only feel our customers’ pain, but we know how to relieve it. We make every business decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers.


We accept the present, envision a positive future, and take action to make our visions a reality.


dispatch company employee headshot
Guillermo Garcia
Co-Founder & CEO
dispatch company employee headshot
Miguel Sucre
Co-Founder & CTO
dispatch company employee headshot
Camilo Ramirez
Product Manager
dispatch company employee headshot
Dusan Delic
Head of Broker Partnerships
dispatch company employee headshot
Gianni Piccoletti
Head of Sales
dispatch company employee headshot
Jeff Ogren
Head of Marketing
dispatch company employee headshot
Juan P. Restrepo
General Manager