small carriers

cutting-edge freight dispatch technology

Get big carrier freight dispatch services for your trucking business.

small carriers


90% of carriers are small fleets with less than 6 trucks. These independent truckers are critical in moving products across the U.S.

two freight dispatch employees
convenient. competitive pricing and speed of payment.


Combing through the best loads for each truck is a time-suck. Our technology discovers the best lanes that have the most profitable loads in just seconds.


Rates in the industry favor carriers with larger fleets, leaving owner operators and small carriers with disproportionately low rates. Our carrier network gives us the leverage to get our customers above-market rates not found on public load boards.

worry free. we handle everything for you.


Finding truck dispatch services you trust can be a hard task. SmartHop will keep you loaded and always two steps ahead of the game.

fast/ guaranteed above market rates for full stack truck load.


Managing fleets has become a manual chore, making it hard for capacity to grow. Our dashboards and analytics help you stay on top of your drivers, and ensure your hauls are profitable.

More than just truck dispatch services

We give small carriers and owner-operators the benefit of scale without losing their independence on the road.

Our business-in-a-box platform grants carriers: 

  • End-to-end back office support & truck dispatch services you can trust
  • Access to our vast, proprietary network of brokers
  • Financial services to save their fleet thousands of dollars each year