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TONU, or Truck Order Not Used is a charge for the last-minute cancellation of an ordered load. Oftentimes, this means an owner-operator is prepared to pick up a load, or even shows up to do so and the customer cancels the arrangement. This can leave drivers frustrated as a profitable day can go to waste.

That is why there is a TONU charge. This ensures that even if the driver does not pick up a load, he or she does not go home empty handed. However, oftentimes, a TONU charge can be difficult to receive or take time for the customer to pay it.

This is where SmartHop is stepping in with our Stress-Free Guarantee. If you encounter a cancelation, we will immediately find a load for you to book instead. If we are unable to connect you with a load that day in place of the cancelled one, we will then compensate you for your time with a TONU payout.
Want to learn the specifics of our TONU guarantee and see how we can help take the stress out of running your trucking business? Check out our FAQ page.

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