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Have questions about SmartHop? Explore some of our frequently asked questions below to learn more about our solutions for fleets.

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Carrier Operating System

What is SmartHop?

SmartHop’s Carrier Operating System helps your fleet perform at its best. Personalized spot market strategies increase profitability, while driver and dispatcher tools make daily tasks simpler. And, performance management and goal-setting capabilities empower you to exceed your goals.

How is SmartHop different from the other guys?

SmartHop goes beyond helping you plan and manage your fleet’s trips. We know just how complex and unpredictable the spot market can be — so, we give you the tools you need to make confident, informed decisions backed by our powerful technology.

Is SmartHop a dispatching service?

No, SmartHop is not a dispatching service. We provide the tools you and your dispatchers need to make technology-backed decisions so you can earn more on each trip.

Do I have to use every feature?

To get the most out of your SmartHop experience, we recommend taking advantage of all of our platform’s capabilities. The more information you provide about your business, the more we can provide personalized guidance and accurate performance metrics to help your business thrive.

Can I use SmartHop to manage loads booked outside of the platform?

Yes! In fact, we can analyze your fleet’s performance more accurately when you manage all of your loads through SmartHop. This also allows you to track your deliveries, plan reloads in advance, and ensure that drivers and dispatchers are operating as efficiently as possible.

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What can I use my SmartFuel card for? Is it only for fuel?

At the entry level, SmartFuel fuel cards are enabled for fuel purchases only. But if you are approved for the MasterCard credit card track, you can use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted for other fleet costs, including maintenance and repairs, towing services, tolls, business insurance, hotels, food, and more.

What does “accepted everywhere” mean?

Your SmartFuel card can be used for fuel and fleet-related purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard (over 99% of merchants)! And when you visit the 12,000+ U.S. truck stop and fuel locations in our network, you’ll receive the largest commercial fuel discounts and better incentives.

I manage a fleet with multiple drivers. Can I set limits on their spending?

Yes! You have complete control over the spending limits on every fuel card. For each card, you can set a specific spending limit per week, per day, and per transaction. You can also restrict cards so that they are only active for fuel purchases. Once you’ve activated your fuel card, you can work with your SmartFuel Account Manager to select your card restrictions.

Does SmartFuel report to credit bureaus?

Yes, our processing partner reports monthly to Experian. We’re honored to help our small business clients build their credit. This will help you with other business-related purchases in the future, as your commercial credit will increase over time thanks to the good standing fuel payment report month-over-month.

My business is new, so I don’t have a business credit score. What are the requirements to sign up with SmartPay?

That’s fine by us. We just need your EIN, driver’s license, and articles of the corporation in order to approve your business for fuel credit. 

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How much will my insurance cost?

Every rate is custom to you and dependent on factors like the amount of coverage you need and the size of your fleet. Driver information, such as years of driving experience and driving records, also influences your rate.

What is the difference between cargo insurance and commercial auto insurance?

Cargo insurance protects any damages to your freight while it is being transported, while commercial auto insurance protects your trucks and drivers in vehicle-related accidents and injuries.

How will I know what type of coverage I need?

We know that choosing the right insurance can be complicated, especially when regulations vary by state. That’s why we offer a 100% free consultation with a SmartHop agent! We can help you understand the amount of protection your business needs, as well as the options available to you, and provide free quotes on packages and pricing.

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Still have questions?

Our expert team is on standby to help you decide if SmartHop is the right solution for you and walk you through the process of getting started. Contact us today for more information.